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  • Pandas Grow on Trees

    The recent news that Pandas have been taken off the endangered list isn’t at all surprising… Given they seem to have a reluctance to mate scientists have finally created home grown pandas… If you don’t believe me checkout the ‘baby panda tree…’ Haha – how sweet is that!!!

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  • More Cute Guinea Pigs Being Daft

    guinea dressed up as a pirate

    But before you see those gorgeous guinea pigs playing dress-up… Checkout this hilarious cat and dog gif I found… Says it all lol… OK as promised here’s some more of those adorable guinea pigs… Haha Brilliant 🙂

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  • Baby Sloths Are Just TOO Cute

    baby sloth in cute pyjamas

    They say cute cats kittens and puppies power the internet but surely baby sloths should be up there too… This adorable collection of gorgeous baby sloths will make even the most hard hearted of folk go awww… Enjoy this total cuteness of this baby sloth photo overload 🙂 Sleepy baby sloth – when aren’t they […]

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  • Cute Guinea Pig Overload

    cute guinea pig photos

    The Cutest Guinea Pig Photos Guinea Pigs are one of the cutest animals on the planet… And this set of photos shows just why 🙂 How cute are they!!! If you own a Guinea Pig or are thinking of getting one… Then your first stop should be Pets at Home… As well as selling everything […]

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  • It’s Getting Hot In Here

    hot horse cools off in water

    We’ve just had a mini heatwave here in the UK… Sales of fans and bar-b-q food has gone through the roof… It only hit a max of 26 – but in my writing room it was scorchio!!! But not as hot as these photos 🙂 Now that’s hot!!! Enjoy the summer but remember – Slip […]

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  • Dogs Be Like…

    A Collection of Funny Dogs Photos You just have to love dogs… Life just wouldn’t be the same without them… If you love them as much as I do – Then please checkout my new blog – Woofster… It’s packed with facts – hints and tips and lovely photos… It’s a blog for dog lovers […]