Childrens Books That Should Have Been Written


Apparently the kids of today have given up on reading books…
Looks like I picked the wrong time to become a children’s author lol…
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But I have a feeling if these kids classics were written to match the new titles…
We’d have a whole tribe of bookworms…


It’s Fashion Week Bitches lol


See You In Hell Animals – guaranteed to turn kids into vegans


Whilst Forced Child Labour is a Serious Issue – this made me chuckle

And did I mention I’ve written a couple of kids books..?
Great for the younger children is The Adventures of PC Presto The Magic Policeman
He’s a bumbling cop who with the help of his animal sidekicks solves crimes using magic!!!
On sale at Amazon now…

PC Presto The Magic Policeman
PC Presto The Magic Policeman

And for the older kids who might like golf – here’s the Golfaballs
A crazy bunch of magic golf balls who help a young boy save a forest…


Cheers 😉

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